Introduction to PointsWin

PointsWin is the core of TIENS Group's "One Body, Multiple Wings" and "Multi-Network Interaction" strategy. The e-wallet achieves effective multi-network and multi-format interaction, interconnection, and interoperability. It is also an important part of TIENS' global Internet Plus finance business. With the integration of payment channels and the use of virtual points, the integration of financial products provides global TIENS users and beneficiaries with online financial services.


One Body, Multiple Wings Integrated, interconnected services

Officially launched in March 2018, the e-wallet project enables TIENS Group to truly achieve effective multi-network and multi-wing interaction and interconnection The platform provides unified services internally and a unified display window for end-consumer services that are greater than the sum of their parts

Multi-wing interconnection

Version 1 0 of the PointsWin e-wallet app by TIENS Group was officially launched in September 2018 The system integrates and interconnects all parts of TIENS new retail business, Maya E-commerce, Innoviera Education Training Company Limited, All-Legend International Tourism, All-Legend International Hotel, and Taijisun Hospital Users can obtain points via functions such as sharing, signing in, and consumption, and they can also exchange points for more high-quality goods through the points store

Launch of the O2O Global Experience Store Mode

In October 2018, PointsWin was upgraded with the launch of the TIENS Group Experience Store, which saw the walk-in Shenzhen Experience Store moved online Users can browse the Experience Store online through the PointsWin app to understand more about the multi-wing strategy They may also visit the walk-in Experience Store and register as a member through the facial recognition system, use the smart interactive screens, and complete their shopping through PointsWin s scanner function

Creation of the PointsWin financial service platform

In November 2018, TIENS Group and China Minsheng Banking Corporation (CMBC) reached a strategic cooperation This will see CMBC create exclusive financial products for TIENS users, which will be displayed and purchased through the PointsWin app PointsWin will cooperate with top financial institutions at home and abroad to provide TIENS users with better financial management, insurance and other financial products and services

Official launch of the overseas e-wallet project

In January 2019, the overseas version of TIENS Group s e-wallet project was officially launched In being the first country to implement the e-wallet app, Kazakhstan has introduced TIENS multi-wing construction strategy and services to Central Asia, thereby bringing innovative changes to local users and partners In 2019, the e-wallet project will be launched in Russia, Indonesia, Japan, Ghana, Malaysia and other countries as part of TIENS global implementation of its "One Body, Multiple Wings " strategy