Xi jinping, the leader of the new era.

On the morning of October 18, 2017, xi jinping was standing in front of the platform of the great hall of the people in the great hall of the people, which lasted for nearly three and a half hours.
This is the most significant political report of the party congress in many years, with a total of 32,000 words. With a loud voice, xi won more than 70 applause.
He declared: "with long-term efforts, socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, which is the new historical orientation of our country."
The report was translated into 10 foreign languages, and foreign experts were brought in to check it out. Experts almost always use the term "powerful" to describe Mr Xi's report. "I was attracted to it at first sight, from 8 a.m. to midnight, and I forgot to have lunch and dinner," said Russian expert Olga minoova.
Five years ago, in the news, xi jinping, who was known as "the first communist party chief in the era of social media," met with reporters for the first time. "Xi jinping has come in," the ft's website said. In a matter of minutes, he is about to lead the world's most populous country in the next decade, revealing his agenda. Simply put, it is to make China great again, to address the grievances of the people and to root out corruption. Mr Xi has used a simple language that is easily understood by non-party members.
"He does seem to have the personality and political capacity to move quickly and innovate," said Joseph feyssmith, a Chinese political expert at Boston university. But more multimedia means "wait and see." Over the past five years, the world has seen how Mr Xi is genuine.
The core of the party formed in the great struggle.
When he took office as general secretary of the communist party of China five years ago, xi jinping's primary political task was to ensure that the whole party was subordinate to the CPC central committee, and insisted on the central authority and centralized leadership of the CPC central committee. This needs to solve the party's acute and severe mental slack, incompetence, detachment from the masses, and the danger of negative corruption. Corruption is the biggest challenge. In Mr Xi's view, "the problem of corruption is getting worse and worse. No goal of the new era can be discussed.

Xi jinping has ushered in a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics and a new era of human exploration and development at the crossroads.


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