Tiens group has formulated the basic system for the management of party branch a

According to the working practice of tianshi group, 12 rules and regulations are formulated in the branch.
1. The "three meeting one lesson" system.
The term "three meetings" refers to the regular meetings of party members' congresses, party committees and party committees, and "one class" refers to the timely and good party courses. The "three meeting one lesson" is the basic form of the party organization life, and is the main way to strengthen the daily management of party members. Will conscientiously adhere to the "three lesson" system, to improve the party organization life, strict management of party members, strengthen party member's education, improve the quality of the party, strengthen the basic-level party organization's effectiveness and plays an important role. Party member general meeting is the meeting that party branch all party member attends, it is the highest leading organ of party branch. The general assembly is held once every three months. In general, more than half of the party members in the branch shall be effective. The main task is to listen to and review the work report of the party's branch committee, discuss and decide on major issues in this branch, and convey the resolutions and instructions of the party organization at the higher level; To elect a new branch committee, supplement and revocation of the branch committee; Receiving new party members; To propose the award and disposition of party members, and determine the recognition and punishment of the party members within the scope of their functions and powers. The branch committee is usually convened once a month and can be held at any time as needed. Conference issues generally includes: research, carry out the superior party committee resolution and instructions, to discuss the principle of production and work task, study the party's construction and the party members' education management problems, research about the cadre selection and adjustment problems, research training, problems in the development of new party members to discuss research organization coordinate worker, youth, women issues. The party group will be one of the main forms of party group activities and an important part of the life of party members. The party group usually meets once or twice a month. There is usually the following: organizing party members to study; To study how to implement the branch resolutions and tasks; Party members report ideas and work conditions; Conducting criticism and self-criticism; To study election and development of party members; The selection of excellent party members; To discuss matters concerning party affairs such as disposition of party members. Party class is a way for party organizations to conduct regular education to party members in the form of lectures. Contents generally include: party's basic theory, basic policy, basic knowledge and science and technology culture knowledge and so on. Good party class education should focus on the choice of topics, after class discussion of two links. The party branch organizes party members to listen to one or two party courses every year, and carries out party's basic theory, basic knowledge, party line policy and party spirit party discipline education. Party members and leading cadres should go to the primary party organizations regularly to teach the party courses, and party committees at all levels shall speak at least one party class every year. Party organizations should always supervise and supervise party members to participate in the "three meeting one lesson", and they should give timely criticism to party members who do not participate.

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