In 2017, we will deepen the establishment of standard rules for the "five good p

Non-public enterprises (social organizations)
1. Good team (20 points)
(1) resolutely implement the party's line policy and superior decision making, and faithfully implement the tasks assigned by the higher party organizations. The political core role of non-public enterprise party organizations in the staff and workers and the political leading role in enterprise development are obvious. (3 points, one point is less than one point)
(2) the party organization system is sound, and the party organization and work are effectively covered in the large and conditional "two new" organizations. (3 points, not to set up the party group according to the requirements, 1 point less)
(3) the union, the communist youth league, the women's federation and other groups are well organized, deepening the joint efforts of the party group and forming the overall resultant force. (3 points, the group is not sound, and one point is missing.)
(4) the party organization is well organized, and the party organization and management management are in a two-way position, and the members of the group have a reasonable structure. (4 points, the team lacks the 2 points of the secretary, 1 point for the missing member, and 1 point for not realizing two-way entrance)
(5) the party branch secretary sign responsibility of party construction with the superior party committee at the beginning of each year, report regularly, and implement the responsibilities for party construction each year to the next higher party organization for reporting on activities, accept review, assessment results order for "good" more than 95%. (4 points, 2 points without the responsibility of party building work, and 1 point for unscheduled reporting; The results of the democratic assessment are "good" less than 95% of the deduction of 4 points.
(6) the branch team has a strong political life, courageous, courageous, honest and honest, with a good example and a strong cohesive force. (3 points, the branch team is not united, the work cannot be carried out normally on the deduction 1 point, the team member has the discipline behavior to deduct 2 points)
2. Good management of party members (20 points)
(7) carefully to do a good job of developing party members, the key to the scale of production, good prospects for development, good demonstration role in driving the "two new" organization, to ensure that a certain scale and influence of "two new" organization of party members, party members have "two new" organization with the party organization. (3 points, incomplete plan, 1 deduction 1 point; Failing to develop party members
(8) to carry out various forms of learning education, strengthening the party members' education training, organize party members at least once a year training, concentrated training time is not less than 24 hours, party branch secretary and team members focused training time not less than 32 hours. (3 points, less than 1 point per item required)
(9) to set up a volunteer service team, party members and volunteer service providers (social organizations) to develop and provide regular services to employees. (4 points, 4 points for no volunteer service team, 1 point for each volunteer service)
(10) the construction of the party's clean and clean government has achieved remarkable results, and party members and cadres have no violation of laws and regulations. (2 points, 1 case with 1 point)
(11) to establish a regular mechanism for the organization of party members' organizational relations, and to strictly regulate the transfer and reception of party members' organizational relations, without the party members and "pocket" party members. (2 points, 1 case "lost contact" or "pocket" member deducted 1 point)
(12) party members shall be fully integrated into the party organization to manage effectively, and the non-qualified party members shall be handled in a prudent and prudent manner. (2 points, 1 point for non-regular checking of itinerant party members; Unqualified party member to handle unreasonable deduction 1 point)
(13) party members pay party dues on schedule, full amount and initiative, and regularly disclose party fees and use cases, and voluntarily accept the supervision of party members. (3 points, 1 point of withholding of party dues paid to the higher party organization by the month, 1 point for less payment and 1 point for unscheduled public release)
(14) the party members have completed the basic information of various files, and established a "one book, one platform, one platform" party building management system. (3 points, no management system has been established or not updated in time, and the case is 1-3 points)
3. Good organization (20 points)
(15) strictly implement the system of "three will be a lesson", the party branch shall be convened at least once every quarter convention, shall be convened at least once a month party branch committee, the party held at least 1-2 times a month group, group members listen to at least 1-2 times a year party class, has a record of related activities. (5 points, party members' general meeting, branch committee, party group meeting, party class every item not according to the requirement to carry out each deduction 1 point, the activity record not complete deduction 1 point)
(16) party branch (group) is held once every quarter or half an year group life, group life quality is high, the effect is good, to carry out criticism and self-criticism to confront the problems, the true face difficult problems, the effective implementation of corrective measures. (2 points, failure to organize the life of the organization by 2 points, the criticism and self-criticism are perfunctory, and the organization of the quality of life is less than 1 point)
(17) to conduct one democratic review party every year. (2 points, 2 points without the procedure; The result of the review and the incomplete record of each party member's review work file
(18) party members shall have strict management and supervision of daily discipline, and party members shall participate in party organization activities in accordance with regulations, and the party branch work manual and each party member shall fill in the regulations in the "study manual for party members". (3 points, party members in the party organization life average rate of less than 90% of the 1 points, the party branch work manual record non-standard fastener 1 minute, the party members to study manual record non-standard fastener (1)
(19) the party branch shall hold a general election on schedule. (3 points, 2 points for unscheduled change; The program is not standard, the file data is not complete, deduct 2 points.
(20) hold a party day activity once a month. The activity is practical and effective, and party members are highly motivated. (3 points, the party day activity did not hold 2 points according to the requirement; Party member participation rate is less than 90% deducted 1 point
4. Implementation of the system (20 points)
(21) the standard party affairs (factory) shall be open to the public, and the information of party affairs (factory affairs) shall be updated regularly. (2 points, 2 points without open column; Open and update information not timely deducted 1 point)
(22) to establish the target accountability system for community-level service party organizations, and to implement the year-end review and evaluation of party organizations, cadres and party members. (2 points, 1 point for unbuilt target responsibility system and 1 point for unorganized performance evaluation)
(23) a sound party organization rules of procedure and decision-making procedures, participate in the decision-making on major issues, secretary of the party organization to participate in or attend the corporate management meetings and actively participate in management "two new" organization. (3 points, no two points of the relevant system were established, and the party organization conducted activities to interfere with the normal production and operation of the enterprise by 1 point)
(24) to establish the party organization and the management of the enterprise to communicate and discuss the system and strengthen communication with management.

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