Tiens group won the title of "advanced party organization 100 enterprises".

Chamber of commerce and industry in tianjin, the non-public economy organization committee of the communist party of China tianjin hosted the 2013 private enterprises in tianjin "healthy development project" activities, days lion group won the title of "advanced party organization of enterprises" honor. Party organizations and the honor of tiens group all party member in the development of group play the cutting edge exemplary role fully affirmed, but also to the chairman and Bai Ping President Kim yeon lee led tiens group in the third to take off, for the tianjin economic development have made outstanding contributions. Group party committee requires party organizations at all levels and all party members in the New Year to actively implement the Kim yeon lee, chairman of the proposed guidance on the third business took off, speed increment, in order to achieve the "Chinese dream, days lion dream" work, contribution to the positive energy!

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