Party members of the wuqing development and development commission organized non


To improve "two learn how to make a" study in-depth development education, education to guide the party member firm ideal faith, carry forward the fine tradition, recently, the rare zones committee organization non-public enterprise party members visited the local campaign memorial visitors pavilion, followed the footsteps of the older generation, stepping the footsteps of the people's liberation army (PLA), gave a lively party spirit education of patriotism.


The memorial of the battle of pingjin is the thematic memorial of the pingjin campaign, which reflects one of the three major battles of China's liberation war. It was completed in 1997. Exhibition hall objectively and comprehensively reflect the whole process of the battle of tianjin, the enthusiasm acura and MAO zedong's leadership of the central committee of the communist party of China and the central military commission, eulogizing the liberation army combat flexible strategy and tactics and the people the spirit of selfless dedication.\

After the visit, everyone said that this is a vivid patriotic education course. The visit has deeply felt the spirit of diligent, honest, honest, honest and conscientious revolutionary predecessors. The next step we will earnestly implement the "two learn how to make a" learning education put forward a series of requirements, to further strengthen the party spirit accomplishment, enhance party spirit consciousness, be "four four haves" qualified party member, make contribution more for the beautiful qing construction.


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