Party committee members of tiens group watch a special film entitled "the end of

On July 25, the party's party committee members concentrated on watching the TV drama "the end of reform".
"Will reform to" film is divided into 10 sets, ask of "time" as a whole feature films of the first, truly represent the great strategic deployment of the decision-making process of deepening reform, vividly about the great reform process since the party's 18 brings tremendous changes to the masses.


feng Qiang secretary spoke.

After watching, feng Qiang secretary stressed that as a party member should firmly establish a pioneer of enterprising consciousness, condensed with all forces that can be condensed, inspire all can stimulate the vitality, always brave reform tide, with the reform, and development. In practical work, we should be brave enough to take on the responsibility and work hard, and promote the development of the enterprise with excellent results.


  Party members watch the feature film

Next, group party committee will watch the reform to the group as "two learn how to make a" learning education an important part of the institutionalization of normalized, as one of the important speech spirit series in-depth study appreciate xi general secretary and governing new ideas, new ideas, the specific content of the new strategy put the combination of centralized and unified view, people to watch, the written comments and exchanges for discussion, using every Tuesday DangRi activity, solid study to watch, and connecting with the actual work do think more, watch gains, look.


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