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Date:2018-07-09 Publisher:Tiens

Dear Tiens Family Member,

I hope you are well.

The third wave of Tiens’ business expansion, is self-innovation and self-enhancement, encouraging us to continue to explore and create the world around us. This task is arduous and cumbersome but as I have said on many occasions, “our struggles will not cease so long as we are alive”. This is an inherent determination of our Tiens people, a spirit, an attitude, an important component of Tiens culture. 23 years of practice proves that our quick development, outstanding business performance, achievement of so many goals are all a result of superior teamwork, tremendous hard work and continuous learning and innovation. Today, the challenges and opportunities we are facing are unprecedented but as a united team, we welcome these challenges, grasp the priceless opportunities and accelerate the implementation of our “One-body and Multiple-wings” strategy with determination, to achieve the grand goals of the third wave of our business expansion.

At this moment, as the Chairman, I would like to share with you the following words: Learning, Innovation, Collaboration, Diligence, Striving and Happiness.


Learning should never stop. It is the foundation and essence of self-enhancement and enterprise development. We are now living in a time when society, knowledge and technology are changing and developing at a rapid pace. Big Data, Cloud Computing, Information overload, Digitalization, Automation and Artificial Intelligence are all integrated with traditional industries. New theories, new business segments, new commercial models, new technologies are emerging in an endless stream. The implementation of “One-body and Multiple-wings” strategy, and the inter-exchange of various “Wings”, continuously raises new opportunities and new tasks within our work. We must learn humbly, sincerely, proactively and understand the important thoughts of Mr. Xi, the Chairman of Chinese Communist Party; learn the laws and regulations of all countries, learn and master the developing trends, follow the trends and grow with it. We should learn and understand the thinking behind the “One-body and Multiple-wings” strategy, continuously aligning our thoughts, building consensus, acquiring new knowledge, new techniques and continuously enriching and enhancing ourselves. Invest time in acquiring the knowledge of not only our own duties and functions but also the various “Wings”, thereby constantly improving our overall awareness, and enhancing our abilities to collaborate.if the responsible person or unit is not clear, try to bridge the missing skills, knowledge or information proactively, ensuring that all tasks are properly managed to deliver the desired results. We come from everywhere and build our Tiens Family with one common objective; we all are brothers and sisters, forming one family, in the same boat, sharing both joys and sorrows, success and failure. All regions, all departments and all Tiens people need to strive for better collaboration no matter whether it is between regions, departments or individuals. We need to help each other, support each other, and remind each other that we are all heading to the same place, and we all form the different strands of one rope; separated only by our duties, but we are still one family, and strengthened by our collective synergies.


Innovation is the limitless motivating force behind the development of Tiens. Today, unpredictable and significant changes are taking place in the business environment; financial policies are shifting, trading relationships are changing, and new industries are emerging. To achieve our “One-body and Multiple-wings” strategy we will promote the transformation of our own systems and structures, the optimization of various business segments, the perfecting of our selling systems, and the enhancement of our employees’ competences. We cannot move even one step if we still do things with old theories, old ways and old channels. So, we will proactively reform and courageously innovate. All Tiens staff should innovate on new ideas, systems and management following the directions under the “One-body and Multiple-wings” strategy. I particularly require the Department, Functional and Regional Heads to perform as role models, to think and demand innovations from their teams and manage these innovations well. We will develop specific solutions which support innovations, encourage innovations and promote an innovation-oriented culture, so that we continue to remain firmly on the path of innovation.


 To implement the “One-body and Multiple-wings” strategy effectively, will require significant system and process re-engineering. Efforts by only one Department or a few individuals will not only see us fail to achieve our goals,but more importantly will result in lost growth opportunities and may even hurt our existing business. All Department, Functional & Regional Heads need to acknowledge the importance of peer to peer collaboration. All supporting functions need to give the highest priority to the facilitation, collaboration and support of “One-body and Multiple wings” strategy. Whether you are responsible for an internal department project or an inter-department project, you need to proactively take the lead and collaborate across teams, functions and departments;


God rewards the diligent. Regardless of age, no one can achieve grand goals without sufficient diligence and dedication. Diligence needs to be the conscious action of all Tiens Family Members; an attitude, a fashion and a culture at Tiens. Each Tiens Family Member, regardless of your seniority or capability, should love your job and strictly attend to your duties. You need to plan the outcomes for your work daily and strive to complete all your tasks in a timely manner, not postponing to the next day what you can finish today. Take personal responsibility for your tasks, be accountable for your results and don’t avoid the tough jobs hoping someone else will do it. When you perform a task, strive for perfection; do things diligently, accurately and precisely the first time so that you do not have to repeat it again. Tiens has always had a good culture of diligence as I always said “5 + 2 and white plus black”. This is my creed and I hope every Tiens Family Member will continue to be a diligent person.


It is said that talk is cheap and only actions have value. All achievements during Tiens’ 23 years of history are the result of each step and effort invested by the individual Tiens Family Members. For successfully implementing “One-body and Multiple-wings” strategy, for successfully realizing the third wave of Business expansion and joining the Fortune 500 club, we need to rely on solid work, hard work, working smart and persevering, striving and collectively winning and growing. Our road ahead is filled with steep mountains, dangerous shoals and all kinds of difficulties, failures, frustrations and slanders; however, we do not lack intelligences, capabilities and virtues, and nothing can stop the Tiens Family Member who possess infinite persistence and perseverance. We need people with high IQ, high EQ, unwavering personal ethics, confident, bright and proud of who we are, equipped with managerial courage, members who are reliable and practical. So long as we have breath in our bodies we will continue to fight and never give up without achieving our goals.


Happiness can mean both a sort of spirit and something concrete, both an objective existence and an intuitive feeling. We should continue our “Healthy People, Serving Our Society” principle, pursuing the belief of providing the highest level of service and quality to our customers, to make every Tiens client feel happy. We should think more about the happiness of all Tiens Family Members, try and build a mutually respectful multi-cultural environment, that benefits everyone and makes us all happy to work in Tiens. We will plant the “Family Culture” of Tiens deep within the entire company all over the world, and make it grow and prosper. We will establish a broad platform, recruiting elite talents from all areas, maximizing their intelligences and capabilities, making them dazzlingly brilliant. Meanwhile, we will also pay attention to each of our Distributors and Staffs, to their health, their learning and training, growth and development, their compensation and benefits, to truly improve their accomplishments and rewards.

We have firm beliefs and enormous energy to follow the concepts of “Learning, Innovation, Collaboration, Diligence, Striving and Happiness”, jointly generating a culture which is natural, coherent, integrated, interrelated and perpetually superior, to ensure effective interaction and collaboration among all Tiens Family Members, and between Tiens and the world. We will do and try everything we can, to learn, to innovate, to collaborate and to improve collectively. Let’s unite to build a more beautiful future for Tiens!


Jinyuan Li

Chairman of Tiens Group

July 6th, 2018



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