You Deserve A Special, Warm and Fuzzy Birthday Party of Sharing!

Date:2018-12-10 Publisher:天狮集团

\On the afternoon of Nov 28, the Tiens Products Experiences Center held a team birthday party full of love and moving moments. The party was held for three business partners—Wang Yu, Jiang Binying and Hu Jian—who have followed Chairman Li Jinyuan since the inception of Tiens Group and attended by partners from relevant teams to share their gains and moving moments in their 24 years at Tiens.


The party was graced by the presence of senior leaders including Li Yueqi, Board Member of Tiens Group and General Manager of the Product Management Center, Zhang Zhongtao, Vice President of Tiens Group, Liu Yu, Director of Terminal Experience Operations Department, Huang Yuehan, General Manager of All-Legend Business Division, Quan Peng, General Manager of All-Legend International Tourism, Qin Yu, President and General Manager of Tai Ji Sun Medical, and Wei Minghui, General Manager of INNOVIERA Education and Training Co., Ltd.

【One Photo, One Story】

Amid soft music, the team birthday party officially kicked off, with the large screen showing the photos of Wang Yu, Jiang Binying and Hu Jian taken 24 years ago at Tiens, each photo speaking of their hardworking years at Tiens.

It is thanks to their great dedication day in and day out as they steadfastly followed Chairman Lin Jinyuan over the last 24 years that Tiens has become the great company it is today. All participants in the party were inspired by the photos and expressed thanks and admiration of the three business partners.

\Wang Yu, incumbent General Manger of Greater China, Tiens Group, first shared her experience at Tiens in an inspiring narrative full of gratitude to Tiens and Chairman Lin Jinyuan. She joined Tiens at 40. In the twinkling of an eye 24 years have gone by, those much cherished years of career success, happiness and wholesomeness, she said.

Jiang Binying and Hu Jian shared with other colleagues at Tiens in a lighthearted humorous tone their enterprising days and the great changes having taken place in their life since they joined Tiens. The bygone days had their toils but have left them dearly kept memories.

\\The three business partners with their enthusiasm and enormous confidence in Tiens greatly inspired all partners for the third transformation of Tiens as it breaks new ground in the global health sector.


【Touching Story】

Other people also shared their stories, including Li Hongyan, who was a college professor before joining Tiens, Shi Jinghong, a primary school music teacher turned globally influential advocate of calcium supplement, and Zhao Jun, who has grown in three years from a ordinary partner sales unable to sell a single product in half a year to the leader of a team with more than 500 members.


Their enterprising stories of sticking it out against all odds speak volumes for the meaning of perseverance and dedication and received a thunderous round of applause!

【Banquet of Love】

The storytelling session was followed by a bounteous banquet at the grand kitchen of Tiens Products Experiences Center prepared by top chefs from All-Legend Hot Spring Resort Hotel, where Group leaders including Li Yueqi and Zhang Zhongtao and other participants not only enjoyed exquisite cakes and pastries and cold dishes but also got hands-on with making dumplings.


The delicious dumplings, a symbol of family reunion, themselves became part of a cherished memory of every celebrants and all other participants in the event.


The hot dumplings also stand for the upward career of all people at Tiens as they work together to advance the third phase of Tiens’ development and create new glories!

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