TIENS Group Formally Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Gnosis

Date:2018-12-10 Publisher:天狮集团

On November 29, Mr. Eros Buffarini, China Chief Representative Officer of Italian biotechnology company Gnosis, visited Tiens International Health Industrial Park and formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement with TIENS Group. Gnosis is the world's largest professional manufacturer of the naturally fermented vitamin K2 (MK-7), and the owner of world-leading R&D and production technology in the nutritional ingredients fermentation sector. As China’s first manufacturer of health care products to concern itself with vitamin K2, TIENS Group is set to use the raw material supply of natural vitamin K2 (MK-7) by Gnosis to develop and produce TIENS vitamin K soft capsules, which are expected to be launched in March 2019.

【Signing Ceremony】


Board Member of TIENS Group and General Manager of the Product Management Center Ms. Li Yueqi welcomed representatives from Gnosis and held talks on the cooperation between the two companies. Senior management of TIENS Group started by welcoming Mr. Buffarini and the visiting party of representatives, and then introduced the product development of TIENS Group. She spoke of how TIENS attaches great importance to product management and new product development, and that the introduction of natural vitamin K2 in the development of TIENS vitamin K soft capsules will see the organic synthesis of TIENS enzymatic hydrolysis of bone calcium and natural vitamin K2. This latest development will improve TIENS’ range of bone wisdom products and provide consumers with more professional and scientific guidance on calcium supplements.


During the ceremony, Mr. Buffarini stated that Gnosis owns some of most modern research laboratories in the world and has set up a new laboratory area dedicated to formula development. TIENS Group is one of the first manufacturers of health care products to concern itself with natural vitamin K2 (MK-7), and it is also the only company to achieve cooperation in the field of direct selling. TIENS has a strong sense of awareness and accurate foresight into the future development of health care products, and it is believed that Gnosis’ advanced biotechnology can help improve TIENS products.


Board Member of TIENS Group and General Manager of the Product Management Center and Mr. Buffarini went on to sign a memorandum of strategic cooperation at the Tiens Product Experience Center. Mr. Buffarini said that he was honored to represent Gnosis in achieving strategic cooperation with TIENS Group. The two companies are outstanding leaders in their respective fields, and the TIENS brand enjoys a high profile and reputation in Italy as a responsible and trustworthy enterprise. The cooperation will see the two parties jointly carry out scientific research and innovation of microbial nutrition on the basis of raw material supply to promote the development of TIENS in the global health field.

【Product Introduction】


On the afternoon of November 29, Mr. Buffarini and Mrs. Daping Wang, Senior Product Manager of the Product Planning and Management Department, jointly attended the “One Body, Multiple Wings” strategic implementation analysis meeting of the TIENS Greater China region, and introduced the efficacy of vitamin K2 and the upcoming TIENS vitamin K soft capsule to business partners. In her speech, Mrs. Wang pointed out that TIENS Group has always adhered to the concept of natural, safe, and green health, and has developed a series of enzymatic hydrolysis of bone calcium products with core patented technology. Over the past 24 years, the products have been sold in more than 190 countries and regions around the world, and TIENS has established a good image among global consumers as experts in calcium supplements.


Mrs. Wang introduced that the core function of vitamin K2 is to retain calcium in bones. Introducing calcium into bones and supplementing with calcium can promote bone absorption of calcium and maintain healthy blood vessels, which helps prevent osteoporosis and atherosclerosis. It can also effectively protect the musculoskeletal structure and combat muscle spasm. In the future, it is certain to effectively help middle-aged and old people with osteoporosis, children's bone growth, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health, and the health of various people in need of sports nutrition. This recent cooperation sees TIENS Group and Gnosis join forces to create a new member of the TIENS family of calcium products. The TIENS vitamin K soft capsule marks another milestone in the 24 years of innovation and development of TIENS calcium products.


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