Tiens Chairman Discusses Future Opportunities with Guinean Leaders

Date:2018-05-26 Publisher:Tiens

Tiens Chairman Discusses Future Opportunities with Guinean Leaders

【The following is part of a series of articles following the Tiens Group’s tour of Africa as part of the Group’s commitment to the One Belt One Road Initiative.】

[Conakry, Guinea -April 30, 2018] Chairman of the Tiens Group, Mr. Jinyuan Li, has met with leading members of the Guinean government to discuss opportunities for future cooperation between the African nation and the global healthcare company. 

In the Guinean capital of Conakry, Chairman Li led the Tiens executive team on a series of official visits. Mr. Li was received in person by Mr. Ibrahima Kassory Fofana, State Affairs Minister and State Councilor for Guinean Investment Affairs who welcomed the establishment of the Tiens Group in the country and the benefits cooperation would bring in the fields of education, healthcare, agriculture, trade, e-commerce, hotels & resorts, tourism, pharmaceutics, and the charity sector.

Tiens was also received by the General Office of the Guinean State Affairs Department where Chairman Li expressed approval for upcoming projects and cooperation between Tiens Group and Guinea. Such projects would fit with Tiens’ strategies, such as “One Tree, Many Branches,” and Tiens’ principles, such as benefiting all stakeholders, he said. 


Chairman Li (right) is welcomed by Mr. Ibrahima Kassory Fofana (left), the State Affairs Minister and State Councilor for Guinean Investment Affairs

In education, Chairman Li said that the Tiens Group would form a strategic partnership with the Guinean Ministry of Education providing them with educational resources, and beginning a series of educational projects in cooperation with local universities. In terms of higher education, the Tiens Group will also send high-quality teachers to Guinea. Outstanding Guinean students will also gain the chance to visit China as exchange students at Tianyuan University.

In healthcare, Tiens Group will adopt various measures to help Guinea increase its medical capabilities, for example by arranging the visit of world-class experts to Guinea to perform cataract surgery, and by planning a nutritional educational program to benefit children and the next Guinean generation. 

At present, most high-quality health check services in Guinea originate in Europe. Tiens Group will introduce its Taijisheng high-end healthcare and medical systems to the Guinean market. This equipment will allow Guinea to provide comprehensive, high quality, health check services. 

Chinese-style therapy will also be made available, so that people can experience the profound benefits of the Chinese medical tradition. Tiens Group will also provide medical resources to help support healthcare and medical programs.


Chairman Li (left), in discussion with Mr. Fofana. Both agreed that Guinean development is an important priority.

Guinea’s tourism industry also has a great deal of potential. Tiens Group will initiate investment cooperation projects with the Guinean National Office of Tourism, construct hotels to international 5-star standards.

Mr. Fofana was confident that the assistance provided by Tiens to Guinea’s infrastructure and economic development will be far-reaching and effective and that the types of assistance the company can provide will be highly suited to Guinea’s requirements.


Chairman Jinyuan Li (left), with the Director of General Office of Guinean State Affairs Department (center) and the Minister Assistant of State Affairs (right).

Following the official visit, Chairman Li re-emphasized the importance of the African market. This year, he said, the Tiens Group would focus on French-speaking Africa and Guinea, as a major French-speaking African nation, is an important part of this strategy.

For that reason, Guinea is a priority market in the Tiens Group 2018 development strategy which will see the group begin by exploring the healthcare, tourism and education areas of the Guinean market, and by cooperating closely with the Guinean Government.

Speaking about the Tiens Group business development plan for Africa, Mr. Fei Wang, the Deputy General Manager of the Tiens Global Direct Sales Department, also stated that the company would focus on French-speaking markets this year.

Business and market development will focus on nations including Benin, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire and Guinea, and on developing areas such as tourism, education, and healthcare. In this way, Tiens can both benefit the Guinean people and enable the successful development of the Tiens Group in Guinea. 


Chairman Jinyuan Li (fourth from left) in talks with the Director of the Guinean State Affairs General Office (second from right) and the Minister Assistant of State Affairs (first on right).


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