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Tiens Entrepreneurship Platform is a platform designed for knowledgeable individuals around the world. A after 33 years of continuous exploration and improvement, Tiens has a formed a globally recognized entrepreneurial model, where you can realize your life value. gain wealth and health.

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Hu Jian

Honorary Director of China

I used to be a senior engineer, living an ordinary life, by chance through a friend contact Tiens calcium, learned about Tiens corporate philosophy, and my wife resolutely joined Tiens together, we put in a lot of efforts in the early days of entrepreneurship, but the harvest is also rich, once won the Tiens conference aircraft, yachts, famous cars and other awards, to achieve financial freedom and dream of success.

Sun Lulu

Euro-Asia Five-Star Honorary Director

In 1999, I was fortunate to join Tiens in Russia, and I have been with Tiens for 26 years, participating in and witnessing the pioneering development and brilliant achievements of Tiens overseas. I have grown from a professional college student to a professional direct salesman, with teams in more than 30 countries and nearly one million people. Thanks to Tiens for allowing me to gain financial freedom and realize my life dream on this diversified national platform.

Louis Tendean

Asia-Pacific Four-Star Honorary Director

I initially chose Tiens as a part-time job, and after only one year, I managed to build a strong team and earn an income comparable to that of the company's directors, all of which benefited from the excellent platform provided by TIENS. In just a few years, I was able to achieve financial freedom. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Tiens and Chairman Li Jinyuan, who enabled me to pursue my dreams and achieve my life goals.

Eid Dahir Mohammed

Africa Four-Star Honorary Director

I have been with Tiens for 22 years, and Tiens has not only changed my life, but also changed my family's situation. At the same time, I also witnessed how Tiens is changing the lives of local distributors in Africa, and it is the foresight of Mr. Li Jinyuan, Chairman of the Board of Directors. He led Tiens to glory, and countless people around the world have gained success, wealth and health on the platform of Tiens.

Byron Jose Ledesma Cardenas

America One-Star Honorary Director

In the 28 years I have spent at TIENS, I have experienced many meaningful "the Firsts". When I first met Mr. Li Jinyuan, Chairman of the Board of Directors, he said to me with great conviction: "Tiens will make you successful", and now, 28 years later, Chairman Li's wish has become a reality for us. Make us ordinary people great. We are proud of Tiens and proud of Chairman Li's dream.

Findrova Aleksandra

Europe One-Star Honorary Director

I am very honored to join Tiens Group, 10 years ago, I won the Tiens Luxury Car Award on the podium in Jakarta, it was Tiens that gave me the opportunity to succeed, once I may have been just an ordinary person, but Chairman Li has created such a platform for us, so that we can continue to break through ourselves, get the opportunity to continue to learn and progress, and finally move towards the road to success, thanks to Tiens and Chairman Li Jinyuan.

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