Tiens Group’s Series of Charitable Activities Kicked off

Date:2017-07-14 Publisher:Tiens

 Tiens Group’s charitable teams visited Zhangqiu Gerocomium, Liuzhou Charity House and Huzhou Charity Center respectively, with the theme of “Grateful for Your Company and Keeping Health Together”. The teams donated over 1.37 million RMB to the people of Gerocomium and Charity House.

As one part of Tiens Group’s series of charitable activities, a donation ceremony was held in Zhangqiu Gerocomium in Jinan, Shandong Province on June 23rd. In the ceremony, Tiens Group donated 700,000 worth of products to Gerocomium to improve the health conditions and quality of life of the elderly.


Tiens Group’s charitable teams also visited Liuzhou Charity House in Guangxi province on July 11th, 2017. During the visit, Tiens Group donated 470,000 RMB worth of products to the charity house in order to improve people’s health and enhance their quality of life.


The last stop of Tiens Group’s charitable activities was in Huzhou Charity Center, in Zhejiang province. Tiens’ charitable team brought over 200,000 RMB worth of products to the elderly at the center. The aim is to improve the health conditions and quality of life of the elderly in the center.


With a constant theme of“Love——feel it, create it, spread it.”, Tiens Group will always fulfill its social responsibility, constantly contributing to the society with its kindness during its third wave of business development. Up to now, the company has put more than 1.5 billion RMB into global charity and public welfare cause.

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